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Augmented Reality Tourist App

Augmented Reality
Tourist App Prototype

Augmented Reality Tourist App Prototype. In 2019, I was taking Interaction Design with Chris St. Cyr, and he introduced me to user flows, information architecture and the general planning to develop a prototype of an application.

Whether it be for the food, city life or beautiful landscapes, Japan is an incredible country to visit.

Because of this affinity, I decided to solve some potential challenges a tourist would face visiting a foreign country, such as: language, navigation and simply finding an exciting local food spot.

Source video: Rambalac on Youtube

NYC Skyline App

Manhattan Skyline: 1900s to Now is a prototype application showing the evolution of the Manhattan skyline through images.

I prototyped this application in Adobe XD and all graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop.


PocketUni is an ADDY Gold award winning prototype I made as my capstone project at Saint Rose.

🥇 2021 Student Gold


PocketUni is a community oriented mobile app that allows for students to interact with clubs and events on campus, as well as keep track of their classes. In addition to college events, PocketUni has an integration with Google maps to fetch restaurants, stores and other places in the area. Explore through the map, feed, or augmented reality, where students can go to events placed by the college and other students.

Senior Show Exhibition

Massry Center, Albany New York 2021

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User Flows

This project was proudly created in Chris St. Cyr's User Experience and Senior Capstone class at the Center for Art & Design.

Solar System Microsite

Solar System

The solar system. The topic I chose for my final for Web Art & Design in 2018.

I started my foundational classes learning the ways to design in a functional and efficient way with HTML and CSS.

Our final project was to make a website in pure HTML & CSS to showcase a topic of our choosing. I had a lot of fun on this project and in many ways spurred me to take interactive experiences through programming. I used Adobe Dreamweaver to develop the website and Photoshop for the graphics.