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Empire State Youth Orchestra

Contractor since 2017

Web Design, Creative Direction, Video Production, Content management

ESYO Virtual Concert Hall

  Project Lead, Web Designer

During 2020, Empire State Youth Orchestra (ESYO) was faced with a challenge of going all virtual. As a returning web contractor, I worked with the marketing director, Justin Cook to think about and prototype an all new Virtual Concert Hall. Over the course of a 2020 and 2021, I built the Virtual Concert Hall in Joomla, Yootheme and Javascript to house all of their content, locally on their website. I built spaces for: sponsored content to continue their revenue stream, highlighted videos to spotlight, and full catalogues for archival reasons. All of the virtual concert hall is responsively designed and adapts for any resolution- desktop, tablet, phone or TV.

ESYO Sounding Together

  Creative Director & Video Production Manager

Sounding Together is ESYO's 3 day virtual concert festival I directed in 2020. I worked with ESYO's Graphic Designer, Sam Herman (Visit her website) who provided me with graphics that I was able to use and incorporate into the motion design of the festival. Many videos in this festival were also edited by me, which required taking hundreds of at-home videos from cellphones and syncing them on a sequence to make them come together in one performance.

Ay Caray! a 360° Orchestra

  Producer, Video Editor

It was an honor to work with Carlos Agreda to debut his original composition, "Ay Caray!". After a project I worked on at Saint Rose that featured virtual reality, I had the confidence to pitch the idea of a 360° video. I produced multiple videos that took at-home students and synchronized them, making them all perform together. Carlos and I actually made a first of its kind orchestral layout to display in 360°. The video uses ambisonic sound format, so as you move your head- the music moves with you. I used Adobe Premiere to build the sequences and synchronize, After Effects to assemble into 3d space, and Photoshop for graphics.

Here is an example of some videos I produced:

Bizet's Les Toreadors from Carmen Suite No. 1

Radetzky March by Johann Strauss Sr.

What a wonderful world