Opening sequence I made for a mock series called “Runner”. Worked in Photoshop and Premiere.
Video Art Fall 2018

Short film animation for Animation class. The assignment was to make a short story driven animation using the techniques we learned throughout the semester. The soundtrack in the video was written and produced by me.
Animation Fall 2018

We started out by drawing each frame on a piece of paper, an then scanned them in and arranged them in a timeline in photoshop. From there the project was to incorporate backgrounds to accompany the animation.

Mock logo design project.

We had to take a logo or brand and animate it. In my case I was highlighting how simple the brand “Surpreme” is to make.

This is a music visualization using Processing (java based language) for the shapes and imagery, and adobe premiere to layer everything. This was a multi-monitor installation in the room. This video is the combinations of the different monitor perspectives (center video in the middle, left and right video respectively placed).

Soundtrack made and produced by me.

Interactive Media 2018

Animation Final – Lego project

My role was sound design and editing.